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Halloween Now and Then

We are a month and a half from my favorite holdiday Halloween!  This year I have an all new Halloween show (see news item below) and some new spookiness!  If you want to book a Halloween show, the time to do it is now because my schedule is filling up quickly!

To get a taste of some Halloween fun, here is a link to a show I did on Cambridge TV in 2015:     My part is at about the 28 minute mark!

NEW CD In Production (Finally!)

Everywhere I go people ask "When is the new CD coming out?"  Well after a loooong delay (mostly caused by an insanely busy storytelling schedule), production has finally begun on CD #4 (tentatively titled "New Old Time Tales").  with my producer Ryan Heenan out in California, I tried to find someone new to make the new CD.  The problem was I couldn't find someone as talented and creative.  So I have decided to create a home studio where I will record the tales, then send them out to Ryan in CA to work his magic.

Big Joe on a Podcast

Recently I was featured on the Technology = Equality Podcast. I talked about how I got into the storytelling business, and gave some advice to others on starting their own business. To listen to the episode  CLICK HERE

New Stuff!!

I have been working hard on some exiting new projects and wanted to share some of the new stuff that is coming... I have some amazing new stories that I've been working on for all ages!

NEW Halloween Show for 2016

Although spring has just begun, it is never to early to think about fall and of course my favorite holiday Halloween!! This year I am presenting an all NEW Halloween show called "SPOOKY OOKY LIVE!"  It is filled with some brand new spooky tales and twists on old favorites. There are three versions of the show , from cute and spooky for preschool and kindergarten groups, to creepy and chilling for grades one to three and downright scary for grades four and up!