New Year New Joe (1/3/12)

Well 2012 is upon us and it is time for a new year and some new resolutions. Unlike year's past when I made resolutions I had no chance of keeping (like giving up coffee) this year I am making ones I will indeed keep! First and foremost I have resolved to write a ton of new stories. That way the kids that have seen me countless times will get something new and exciting to listen to.

I also resolve to take the Big Joe show to bigger venues. All those who saw me at the Life is Good Festival this year know that my show is perfect for a big stage. I want to get a higher profile and be a Bigger Joe (not physically of course because losing some weight is also on my list!) This goal is not to satisfy my ego but rather to be able to allow a bigger and wider audience to be exposed to the magic and wonder of storytelling!

I resolve to FINALLY come out with more CDs!!! The next CD has been "Coming Soon" forever and it is time to make some time and get it done. That way all the kids that love "6 Silly Stories" (pick it up at the Big Joe store) and have been asking me when the next CD will be out will get their answer.

Finally I resolve to be a better storyteller, do more to make my audience happy and continue to share my love of stories with the world around me!  

- Big Joe